The fHIT was developed for the Otorhinolaringologist specialized in dizzy patients.

fHIT test assesses vestibular function over a wide range of head accelerations to explore all conditions encountered in everyday life.

fHIT evaluates the performance of the VOR when facing different diffulties of everyday life.

fHIT does not require to record eye movements.

The function of the VOR is to stabilize vision during head movements. The fHIT verifies how good is the patient’s VOR at this goal by testing the reading ability during head impulses.

You can use it to assess the function of the semi circular canals and understand the dizziness of your patient. It provides information that is closer to the feeling of the patient than those provided by other instruments.

You can use it during your daily hospital work when seeing the patient in your clinic, in the emergency room, in your private practice.

In a first phase the system assesses the static visual acuity of the patient, with the head still. Then, in the dynamic phase, it tests the patient’s reading ability while the head is rotated by the doctor, based on the results of the static test.

With this device you will know how the patient sees during everyday life activities, during slow and fast head movements. You will be able to warn your patient about dangerous activities like driving or specific working limitations, and plan the appropriate VOR rehabilitation